Two types of perspectives are provided here: Audio, and written.

The audio perspectives are lectures given in the 1970s by Emilia Rathbun, a student of Dr. Sharman who spent her entire life not only studying the Teachings, but also leading others in a similar investigation in dialogue groups around the world.

The written perspectives complement the audio, and are an attempt by the steward of this website to distill the thinking and insights of many people who have been engaged with this material for decades.

Both are offered as a starting point for your own exploration and dialogue.

Written Commentary:

Chapter 1: Statements About Origins

  1. Statements About Origins

Chapter 2: Activity of John and its Relation to Jesus

  1. Statement of the Work of John

  2. Baptism of Jesus by John

  3. Withdrawal of Jesus to the Wilderness

Chapter 3: Beginnings of the Public Activity of Jesus

  1. Jesus Teaches at Nazareth & Capernaum

  2. Jesus and Mental Cases

  3. Jesus Teaches by the Lake/Jesus Wins Fisherman Followers

  4. Jesus Teaches Throughout Galilee

Chapter 4: Development of Opposition to Jesus

  1. Criticisms of Jesus

  2. Culmination of Criticism and Jesus’ Attitude Toward Criticism

Chapter 5: Definition of Standards of Righteousness by Jesus

  1. Discourse on Standards of Righteousness

Chapter 6: Contemporary Opinions About the Worth of Jesus

  1. Opinion of a Roman Centurion

  2. Opinion of John the Baptist

  3. Opinion of a Sinner vs Opinion of a Pharisee

  4. Opinion of the Friends of Jesus

  5. Opinion of the Religious Leaders

Chapter 7: The Mystery of the Kingdom of God

  1. Basis of Real Relationship to Jesus

  2. Discourse on the Kingdom of God

Chapter 8: Activity on Tours of Jesus and Disciples

  1. Fear vs Faith

  2. Jesus Teaches at Nazareth

  3. Disciples Tour in Galilee

  4. Report of Associates on Their Tour

Chapter 9: Demand by Pharisees for Conformity and Credentials

  1. Concerning Traditions About Defilement

  2. Withdrawal Toward Tyre and Sidon

  3. Pharisees Demand Signs from Jesus

  4. The Leaven of the Pharisees

Chapter 10: Forecasts of Conflict with the Jerusalem Authorities

  1. Opinion of Disciples About Jesus

  2. Jesus Forecasts Events at Jerusalem

  3. Some Costs of Discipleship

  4. The Problem of Tribute Payment

  5. Teaching on Greatness

  6. Teaching on Tolerance and Forgiveness

  7. Parable on Forgiveness

Audio Commentary:

Chapter 11: Departure from Galilee to Jerusalem

  1. Teaching on Tolerance

  2. Some Tests of Discipleship

  3. The Way of Eternal Life

  4. The Definition of Neighbor

  5. Many Things vs One Thing

  6. Elements of Prevailing Prayer

  7. Limitations of Exorcism

  8. Basis of Real Relationship to Jesus

Chapter 12: Deep Feeling and Direct Teaching

  1. Effects of the Mission of Jesus

  2. The Signs of the Times

  3. Warnings of National Disaster

  4. Teaching on Reliance on Wealth

  5. Saying on Light and Darkness

  6. Limits of the Kingdom of God

  7. Teaching in Criticism of Anxiety

  8. Teachings at the Table of a Pharisee

  9. The Costs of Discipleship

Chapter 13: Many Truths Taught in Parables

  1. Parables on the Worth of Sinners

  2. God vs Mammon

  3. Parable on the Futility of Duty

  4. Several Sayings of Jesus

  5. Parable on Deferred Judgment

  6. Time of the Kingdom of God

  7. Parables on Importunity of Prayer

  8. Several Sayings of Jesus

  9. Parable on the Basis of Justification

Chapter 14: Teaching and Journeying on to Jerusalem

  1. Teachings About Divorce

  2. Essential for Entrance into Kingdom

  3. Relation of Possessions to Eternal Life

  4. Parable on the Basis of Reward

  5. Teachings on Standards of Greatness

  6. The Rich Publican of Jericho

  7. Time of the Kingdom of God

Chapter 15: Challenge of the Jerusalem Leaders by Jesus

  1. Jesus Enters Jerusalem as Popular Leader

  2. Jesus Casts Commerce from the Temple

  3. Jesus Teaches in the Temple

  4. Jewish Rulers Challenge Authority of Jesus

  5. Parables in Condemnation of Jewish Leaders

  6. Efforts to Accumulate Evidence Against Jesus

Chapter 16: Discourse in Condemnation of Scribes and Pharisees

  1. Discourse in Condemnation of Scribes and Pharisees 1

  2. The True Test of Giving

Chapter 17: Discourse on Events of the Future

  1. Discourse on Events of the Future

Chapter 18: Final Hours of Jesus with his Disciples

  1. Conspiracy for the Arrest of Jesus

  2. The Passover with the Disciples

  3. Withdrawal to the Mount of Olives

  4. At the Place Named Gethsamane