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About this Site


This website offers an online version of the book, Jesus as Teacher by Dr. Henry Burton Sharman, along with supplementary resources to aid in their understanding.

Sharman’s book as originally written is without direct commentary. It’s a scholar’s version of the New Testament gospels, focused on providing as authentic a version as possible of the teachings, leaving out changes and additions intended to make it conform to Christian theology.

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To begin, start with the background on Sharman and how he did his research, and then read the historical and cultural context in which Jesus lived.

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You’ll then be ready to go through each section of the Teachings, where you’re invited to consider the question: Given Jesus’ context, what did this teaching most likely mean?

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To support you in your inquiry, supplemental material is offered in two places: Separately in the Resources page, and also as links placed directly within the content of the book. There it takes the form of written and/or audio perspectives meant to help elucidate the possible meaning of certain passages and events. 

What ultimately matters, of course, is what you think.

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