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The Teachings


Here, in its entirety, is the book Jesus as Teacher, as written by Sharman. It follows, as can be best determined, the chronology of the life of Jesus. We recommend forming a study group and reading aloud one section at a time, and discussing its meaning, again keeping in mind what you know of Jesus’ context.

[Note: Audio and written commentary on the teachings, denoted with the symbols on the right, are offered as a starting point for your own exploration and dialogue. To learn more about the source of these commentaries, please visit the Perspectives page.]



For one whose major interest, relative to Jesus, has its base in his thinking and teaching, many portions of the records that have reached us concerning Jesus make no contribution. They lack content...


Chapter 1 Statement about origins

Origin of the Records
For as much as many have taken in hand to draw up a narrative concerning those matters which have been fulfilled among us, even as they delivered them unto us, which from the...


Chapter 2: Activity of John and Its Relation to Jesus

In this Chapter:
8. Statement of the Work of John
9. Baptism of Jesus by John
10. Withdrawal of Jesus to the Wilderness

Chapter 3: Beginnings of the Public Activity of Jesus

In this Chapter:
11. General Statement of the Work of Jesus
12. Jesus Teaches at Nazareth
13. Jesus Teaches at Capernaum
14. Jesus and Mental Cases
15. Jesus Teaches by the Lake
16. Jesus Wins Fisherman...


Chapter 4: Development of Opposition to Jesus

In this Chapter:
18. Criticism of Free Forgiveness for Sin
19. Criticism for Association with Sinners
20. Criticism of Attitude Toward Fasting
21. Criticism for Working on the Sabbath
22. Culmination of Criticism of Jesus
23. Attitude of Jesus Toward Criticism


Chapter 5: Definition of Standards of Righteousness by Jesus

In this Chapter:
24. Widespread Fame of Jesus
25. Appointment of Twelve Associates
26. Discourse on Standards of Righteousness

Chapter 6: Contemporary Opinions About the Worth of Jesus

In this Chapter:
27. Opinion of a Roman Centurion
28. Opinion of John the Baptist
29. Opinion of a Sinner vs Opinion of a Pharisee
30. On a Tour in Galilee
31. Opinion of the Friends of Jesus
32. Opinion of the Religious Leaders

Chapter 7: The Mystery of the Kingdom of God

In this Chapter:
33. Basis of Real Relationship to Jesus
34. Discourse on the Kingdom of God


Chapter 8: Activity on Tours of Jesus and Disciples

In this Chapter:
35. Fear vs Faith
36. Jesus Teaches at Nazareth
37. Jesus Teaches throughout Galilee
38. Disciples Tour in Galilee
39. Fate of John the Baptist
40. Report of Associates on their Tour
41. Jesus Teaching in the Desert


Chapter 9: Demand by Pharisees for Conformity and Credentials

In this Chapter:
42. Concerning Traditions About Defilement
43. Withdrawal Toward Tyre and Sidon
44. Return Journey Through Decapolis
45. Pharisees Demand Signs from Jesus
46. The Leaven of the Pharisees


Chapter 10: Forecasts of Conflict with the Jerusalem Authorities

In this Chapter:
47. Opinion of Disciples about Jesus
48. Jesus Forecasts Events at Jerusalem
49. Some Costs of Discipleship
50. The Problem of Tribute Payment
51. Teaching on Greatness
52. Teaching on Tolerance
53. Teaching on Forgiveness
54. Parable on Forgiveness


Chapter 11: Departure from Galilee to Jerusalem

In this Chapter:
55. General Statement of Journey
56. Teaching on Tolerance
57. Some Tests of Discipleship
58. The Way of Eternal Life
59. The Definition of Neighbor
60. Many Things vs One Thing
61. Elements of Prevailing Prayer
62. Limitations of Exorcism
63. Basis of Real Relationship to Jesus


Chapter 12: Deep Feeling and Direct Teaching

In this Chapter:
64. Effects of the Mission of Jesus
65. The Signs of the Times
66. Warnings of National Disaster
67. Teaching about Reliance on Wealth
68. Saying on Light and Darkness
69. Limits of the Kingdom of God
70. Forecast of his Death by Jesus
71. Teaching in Criticism of Anxiety
72. Teachings at the Table of a Pharisee
73. The Costs of Discipleship


Chapter 13: Many Truths Taught in Parables

In this Chapter:
74. Parables on the Worth of Sinners
75. God vs Mammon
76. Parable on the Futility of Duty
77. Several Sayings of Jesus
78. Parable on Deferred Judgement
79. Time of the Kingdom of God
80. Parables on Importunity in Prayer
81. Several Sayings of Jesus
82. Parable on the Basis of Justification


Chapter 14: Teaching and Journeying on to Jerusalem

In this Chapter:
83. Teachings About Divorce
84. Essential for Entrance into Kingdom
85. Relations of Possessions to Eternal Life
86. Parable on the Basis of Reward
87. Teaching on Standards of Greatness
88. The Rich Publican of Jericho
89. Time of the Kingdom of God

Chapter 15: Challenge of the Jerusalem Leaders by Jesus

In this Chapter:
90. Jesus enters Jerusalem as Popular Leader
91. Jesus Casts Commerce from the Temple
92. Jesus Teaches in the Temple
93. Jewish Rulers Challenge Authority of Jesus
94. Parables in Condemnation of Jewish Leaders
95. Efforts to Accumulate Evidence Against Jesus


Chapter 16: Discourse in Condemnation of Scribes and Pharisees

In this Chapter:
96. Discourse in Condemnation of Scribes and Pharisees
97. The True Test of Giving


Chapter 17: Discourse on Events of the Future

In this Chapter:
98. Discourse on Events of the Future
99. Teachings by Jesus in Jerusalem

Chapter 18: Final Hours of Jesus with his Disciples

In this Chapter:
100. Conspiracy for the Arrest of Jesus
101. The Passover with the Disciples
102. Withdrawal to the Mount of Olives
103. At the Place Named Gethsemane
104. Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus


Chapter 19: Judicial Trials and Crucifixion of Jesus

In this Chapter:
105. The Trail Before the Jewish Authorities
106. The Trial Before the Roman Authorities
107. The Crucifixion of Jesus