At the Place Named Gethsemane

103. At the Place Named Gethsemane

Jesus is well aware that he has stirred up some powerful resentment and anger among the Jewish authorities, and that they intend to kill him. He suspects such is his destiny, but at the same time knows there could be other options. He is young – only 30 – he could escape, he could go elsewhere and continue his teaching. Think how difficult it would be: He sees the total destruction that awaits his people if they do not change. He wants to continue to try and help them. But he senses his time is up. How is he to know what path to take?

And so he prays for guidance, three times (“howbeit not what I will, but what thou wilt.”). On the third time, he hears the marching of feet and the clanging of swords, and he knows he has received his answer.

And while all this is going on, the disciples fall asleep, unaware of the predicament their teacher is facing.

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