Limits of the Kingdom of God

69. Limits of the Kingdom of God

There are two passages where Jesus refers to entering by the narrow door, or the narrow gate. Other passages convey a similar constraint:

“If thine eye be single.”

“Anyone who is angry is in danger of the judgment.”

“Love God with all your soul, mind, heart and strength.”

None of these statements leave much wiggle room.

In today’s anything-goes world, where we assume the right to do what we please as long as it does not “hurt” anyone else, how do we interpret such a teaching? Well, it forces us to rethink our rights in terms of our responsibilities. Someone once put it this way: “Love God, and do what you want.” The meaning: If you love God, you will automatically do the right thing.

The gate or door is narrow because there is ONE spirit to manifest: the spirit of love and mercy and compassion. It is the sprit that leads to life.

When Jesus says ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets, and yourselves cast forth without, what does he mean? Perhaps he is saying that Jesus’ generation has broken “the golden thread” – they are not fulfilling their potential as God’s chosen people, to bring the light unto the world. The thread will be passed on to others, who come from the north and south and east and west.

[See also “Discourse on the Kingdom of God” (Commentary 7-34), “Time of the Kingdom of God” (Commentary 13-79) and “Essential for Entrance into Kingdom” (Commentary 14-84) and “Time of the Kingdom of God” (Commentary 14-89).]