Some Tests of Discipleship

57. Some Tests of Discipleship

To quote a line from a pop song, Jesus is saying “it is not easy being me.” Or, more accurately, it is not easy being a son of God. The primary requirement is complete detachment – from home, from family, and from duty, custom and obligations. God requires a total commitment; no other relationship can supersede it or we will ultimately fail to do the right thing. For the scribes and Pharisees, power and prestige and wealth were primary, and as a result they were unable to see what was really required.

To have your hand on the plough while looking backward is to be split, not whole; distracted, not focused. To be in the kingdom of God is to be of ONE spirit – present, responsive, loving.

[See also “Some Costs of Discipleship” (Commentary 10-49), and “The Costs of Discipleship (Commentary 12-73).]