The Way of Eternal Life

58. The Way of Eternal Life

Jesus is being asked what is required to inherit eternal life. What might the questioner mean by that phrase, eternal life? It is probable that he means some sort of post-apocalyptic, everlasting existence in Heaven. So Jesus asks him, what does the Jewish religion – the law – recommend? He answers: To love God totally – with all thy heart, soul, strength and mind – and thy neighbor as thyself.

This commandment to love all is in complete alignment with the perception that all life is one. So Jesus responds that he has answered right: This do, and thou shalt live. He does not say this do, and thou shalt have eternal life. But that thou shalt live. Thou shalt be fully human.

It could be also that Jesus was saying this do and thou shalt have eternal life. But the meaning would be different, referring not to an individual life, but perhaps the ongoingness of the human species. This do, and our species will continue.